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What is Deegram?

Deegram is a social network where it’s all about giving and sharing meaningful content and showing our true selves. Share what truly matters to you and let the ones around you get to know the real you. It could be a book that inspired you, an interesting article or a song that is close to your heart. (Maybe just a picture of your cat?)

All of us produce the real value and all the fascinating content in social media, we are the reason social media is so great. However, the big corporations own our data and make enormous profits. Is that fair?

Deegram flips this model around by rewarding the users who contribute to our platform. As we are well aware that you, the users, are the reason social media exist, we also reward you accordingly.

How does it work?

When posting an image or another piece of content, you basically broadcast it to all your followers and the world around you where they have the possibility to like it. We consider a like as a vote. So, when you get votes on your content, people are actually saying that you deserve a piece of the reward.

Each week, rewards are paid out according to the votes, and there are already one million users in the ecosystem (STEEM) that are possible voters for your content!

In layman’s terms, we can turn likes into money.

To learn more about how this is possible, read more about the concept.

Join the next generation of social media!

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