The team

Robin A. R. Moudnib

Chief executive officer – CEO

Robin is the energetic and passionate CEO who leads by example. His intake of caffeine and sugar needs to be managed while being reminded to drink, eat and sleep (and sometimes breathe).
Despite his young age, Robin has extensive leadership experience, including being a board member at the University of Agder. Earlier he has worked with blockchain in the Norwegian tax administration.

Sondre Flovik

Chief Technology Officer – CTO

Sondre is the calm, hardworking CTO with a work ethic and capacity that cannot be matched. Being raised on a farm, he knows that nothing comes without hard work. His areas of expertise are software architecture, quality assurance and keeping Robin grounded and in check. With him at the office, work gets done.

Morten K. Amundsen

Lead developer

Morten is our lead developer. He was recruited to the team after outstanding efforts through an internship from the University of Agder, as well as excellent development efforts on his bachelor thesis for Deegram. He’s the kind of guy who completes a week’s worth of work in 24 hours, and his passion for Deegram is only matched by Deegrams passion for him.

Stefan Blomberg

Marketing and design

Stefan and Robin have a long history of working together. After approaching him to help design a suitable logo, he did what we asked for and more, without robbing us of our starting capital. His passion for the project is inspiring, and what he can do in a matter of a few hours is incredible. We must keep him and strive to make him happy, so that he never leaves us.

Mentors & Advisors

As part of UiA Nyskaping, we have two assigned project mentors. They ask the unpleasant questions and make sure we don’t just do the fun stuff, and actually do what needs to be done. They make sure that we stick to our plan and do the dirty work, as well as giving us valuable feedback from an external point of view.


We’re always looking to involve more competency and experts in the project to make sure Deegram will be the best product possible. To do this, we need to talk to advisors and get more experts involved.

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Øistein Fongaard


Øistein is a MsC. student in Information Systems at UiA, where he has been in the same class as Robin and Sondre for about four years. He is an employee of UiA Nyskaping, student incubator for entrepreneurs, and provide good input on the marketing, timeline and generally reminds us that there are other aspects of running a business than just writing code.

Line Marie Ekse


Line Marie is a MsC student of Innovation and Knowledge Development at UiA. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Leadership and she shows great knowledge of the topic in our work together. This makes her input extremely valuable, as well as her structuring and organizational skills. Thanks for reminding us to have an updated milestone plan and not just a project plan!

Rotem Shneor


Rotem is a professor at University of Agder and an expert in alternative finance and business development, with a Ph.D. in International Management. He is the founder of the Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance and co-founder of the Norwegian Crowdfunding Association. Rotem is specialized in Entrepreneurship, Business Development, crowdfunding, International Marketing, and e-Business..

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