Partners And Resources

Egde Consulting

We believe in co-creation and collaboration by exchanging experiences and competency between businesses. We have a strategic relationship with a Egde Consulting, where we provide services for each other and build eachother stronger. They provide experienced developers and UX designers which we can challenge and bounce ideas with. Getting an outsider’s perspective is a valuable resource for both businesses.

Innovation Norway

We’ve attended conferences and seminars with representatives from Innovation Norway. We applied and received market clarification grants which we have applied to improve the concept, design and plan for Deegram by working closely with our users through continual testing and improvement. We’ve attended workshops and are preparing for the commercialization phase of Deegram.

UiA Nyskaping

We have our offices and assigned mentors at the body of the University of Agder called “UiA Nyskaping”, which is a student incubator effort in place to increase innovation and facilitate entrepreneurship in the region.

Department of Information systems

Through the Department of Information systems we work closely with the students at the university. Through technical programmes for bachelor’s students in Information Technology, we work closely with interns and bachelor’s candidates that are performing their project and thesis on Deegram.

University of Agder

Through University of Agder we have access to a large network of competency from lecturers, professors and Ph.D. candidates from several different fields within engineering, marketing, finance and social sciences, and much more. In addition, we work continuously with other students to help us make Deegram better, by questionnaires, interviews and testing.

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